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Marriage can be both happiness and tragedy. If you decide to get married, you either married the person because of love, or you married him or her because of forced marriage under different circumstances.

Being married because of your own will can still end up with a sad ending. You will never know if your marriage will work not unless you experience the worst of having a family. Even so, most marriages that end up separated are actually not legally separated. This is the worst part. Instead of having that freedom to meet new people, you will have to prevent yourself from doing so because you might end up getting jailed. Separation without legal due process will result in criminal cases if found guilty by the law when either of the married couple resorts to a new relationship, or worse, having children.

The most common reason why these married couples who want to end up wanting to separate legally but cannot do so is the cost of it. Divorce or other legal terms to void the marriage is not cost-friendly. It is in fact very expensive to file a case for legal separation because you will have to hire a lawyer and it is a very long process. You cannot just assume you’re separated by signing an agreement without legal proceedings. This will just cause more problems such as adultery and other legal cases.

But since you are worried about the expenses, you tend to take risks. But this should not be the case. In fact, there is always a solution to every problem no matter how big it is. For this type of problem, the solution is to resort to legal documentation preparation without the need to consult a lawyer. But you don’t have to worry because the firm that will assist you with the documentation will ensure that the paralegal team will handle it. This means that despite not hiring a lawyer, the team that will handle your documents are still knowledgeable on the process.

There are different documents that are prepared depending on your case. For instance, for instance, if you don’t have kids and want to be separated, there is a different document to use to process it. If you are married and have kids, you also get a different set of documents. Each type of document differs in terms of pricing. There is an initial document to prepare and there is also a final settlement document to be processed, too. With the help of a firm that caters for this type of needs, you will never have to worry about the cost of filing for a divorce or legal separation. Not only that you are able to legally undergo the process of separation, you are also able to save a lot in terms of the cost. You don’t have to wait for the other party to settle with you because you can already manage the process due to minimal cost. The only thing you need is a competitive law firm team that handles your divorce or legal separation documents.

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