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Irresistible Benefits of Concierge Medicine

Concierge medicine is a comparatively new approach to primary healthcare. Its aim is to offer a better and more personalized doctor-patient affiliation. To get this level of care, patients give a membership fee to a primary physician. Concierge medicine generally offers a degree of access to a physician that isn’t achievable in a usual doctor-patient plan. It enables your physician to greatly limit how many clients he/she accepts into his or her practice, which implies better access and availability to the members of the concierge program. Here is a list of advantages members of concierge services enjoy.

There is the benefit of immediate and constant access. When a medical emergency arises, such as a heart attack or stroke, there’s usually nothing much to think of, and instant care is needed. Nonetheless, when you have a problem with common or vague symptoms, it might not be very clear that you need medical attention instantly. With concierge medicine, round-the-clock direct access to a provider removes the hindrances to care that can result in potentially risky delays. Your physician is only a text or phone call away and ever available. This indicates that you do not have to second-guess the way to handle problems that arise between visits and risk wasting precious time that can bring a disparity in your outcomes.

Little to no wait duration to schedule an appointment is the next benefit. A study of 15 huge US metropolitan regions found that it takes an average of approximately 24.1 days to access a family medicine doctor. The lost tie totals to more than 3 weeks and can make your state worsen while waiting and might even affect the kind of treatment you need. Due to the fact that concierge physicians lessen the number of patients they attend to, they have more control concerning availability. The status of concierge patients assures them access to same-day appointments that enable them to address their conditions and concerns without delay.

There is the advantage of better patient-physician relationships. Concierge medicine facilitates the building of a personal bond between a physician and his or her physician. With more direct access, one is likely to establish a more familiar and trusting relationship, which may make them more ready to follow instructions for preventive care. While the association between concierge medicine and enhanced health is not clear, there’s a benefit to developing a trusted connection with your primary doctor. Patients with primary care providers have 19 percent lower chances of premature death compared to people who only depend on professional visits to manage their conditions.

A full range of care is the next benefit on the list. A concierge medical practice is fitted with state-of-the-art laboratory and diagnostic equipment, for example, X-rays, EKGs, and an in-house lab for blood work, as well as a urinalysis. This allows you to obtain diagnostic testing easily and get the answers your physician requires so as to offer the best possible care. As you can see, concierge medications offer irresistible benefits, which is the reason you should consider having it.

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