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What to Know About Why God Allows Evil and Suffering

The question of why God allows evil is something that almost every human being might want to get an answer to. However, it is a question that most of the theists and Christian scholars don’t seem to get right. Evil brings pain to human beings and other living creatures. Yet the believe that God is love and kind does not seem to go well with the evil that exists in the human world. There was hope with the evolution of science that it would offer some enlightenment. However, the science’s and evolution of enlightenment age does not give any better solution but makes it even worse. The pairing of the creation and the biblical teachings for Christians further brings confusion rather than understanding. The Christian God is depicted as powerful and wholly loving is confusing given that there is evidence of hell. God being loving and powerful according to christian beliefs seems to contradict the existence of hell which is the place that brings pain for the evil people.

To address the question as to why God allows evil there is a need to have a conclusive understanding of what the scripture says and the real life experiences. From the theism angle there seems to be an issue with the assertion of God’s being love and also the existence of evil. For a solution to this problem there is a need to showcase that evil is necessary to human being and other creature existence. Most of the proposed solutions to evil which does not account to all forms of evil whether natural does not offer a definitive answer. If any form of evil does not seem to be neccessary then it does not give a solution to the questions. God being powerful and also loving also casts a doubt to Christians as they are part of people who also go through evil and pain.If you are one of the people who would like to get some answers to this question then it would be great to get a site or a book that can offer some insights.

However, first you need to get the most comprehensive site or a book that compiles different thoughts and evidence when answering this question. At such doing your homework is critical so that you can get the perfect solutions. Finding a site that devotes its resources and time to come up with the right solutions is all that you need. Finding the right site can bring a number of solutions to your question. First, the site will focus on the solutions that will address the evil and the teachings or orthodox theology. The site will focus on all major aspects in Christian teachings that talk about evil and how it aligns to the nature of God. Remembering that human beings and other creatures have free will then evil and love are part of their existence. Gathering all the information that you can get whether from online sites and ebooks can serve you well when trying to answer why God allows evil and suffering.

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