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Benefits of brave new discipleship system.

If you are a church leader, paster, or a small group leader in the church, it’s important to introduce a discipleship course that will strengthen the belief of your followers. However, with many products on discipleship to choose from, you might be wondering which system will work well to meet your goals. The church needs biblical discipleship training to spread the gospel and introduce good morals in society. For that reason, it’s crucial to adopt a brave new discipleship program that has proven to answer all questions that every believer finds difficult to get answers to in the bible. The following are benefits of the brave new discipleship system.

The first benefits of this system are that it enhances spiritual growth. For every Christian believer, reading the bible is an important activity to enhance spiritual growth. This is because, the bible teaches about hope, kindness, love, and how to overcome difficult situations. However, encouraging new believers to keep reading the bible as a routine can be difficult. For that reason, introducing a biblical discipleship program as a bible reading plan to the new members can be helpful. In that case, the brave new discipleship program can be helpful to every church member to grow up in faith as it makes the bible study easier and more understandable.

The second benefit is that the brave new discipleship system help to share the gospel. The goal of every Christian is to spread the gospel to non-believers, oppressed and poor. Also, the bible has commanded every believer to share the gospel by discipling others. Note that discipleship requires a lot of sacrifice and patience since not everyone will listen to you. The discipleship program will help the believers inspiring to be disciples to endure rejection and practice patience and self-control. Also, a brave new discipleship system will help disciples in answering tough questions from non-believers whose interest is to mock them.

The third benefit is that the brave new discipleship program help unites us with fellow believers. The bible encourages unity among members and non-members. Unity is the best way to ensure there is peace and understanding between the members and non-members. Note that without unity it is difficult to spread the gospel. Brave new discipleship program helps a lot in teaching the new disciple how to interact with non-believers. The system also equips the disciples with knowledge on how to respect one another.

Brave new discipleship system is vital in discipleship ministry for ancients tasks of spreading the gospel to get more Christian onboard. The knowledge gained after undergoing the program includes knowing more about God’s existence the benefits of following his command, knowing the deity of Christ and also the god’s attributes, learning more about the holy spirit, and getting the end times knowledge. You will also help your followers to learn more about spiritual warfare. The Bible talks more about the spiritual world. Even though we have little knowledge about spiritual evil, through the system, we can get more knowledge on how to overcome the evil temptations and preparation for these spiritual battles.

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