Some Tips of How to Travel for a Living

Some Tips of How to Travel for a Living

Some Tips of How to Travel for a Living

Many people love travelling, but always think again about the budget they will spend for the trip. But for you who are real travelers, you will seek many way to be a traveler but in the same time earning money for yourself. In other word, you might say this is how to travel for a living.

But you may consider first, that it is not easy although you have known of how to travel for a living tips. But if you want still try it here are some tips for you.

1. Being a Photographer

You can find jobs when you have arrived on your destination. Job like photographer can get you some money if the company who hires you likes your photo. Some company that may need this kind of job is travelling company such as hotels, restaurants, and travel destination.

2. Being a Social Media Consulting

Work with several online and local companies as a social media consultant can be a good option for you. You can get material about travelling so it will add some technic for your travelling need.

3. Being a Blog Advertiser

If you do not have a blog, try to make one, then advertised the material from your sponsors. Write several posts and place some occasional banner on your blog. If you sponsor like it, the cooperation will continue. Being a blog advertiser will give you some income that you can use for your living.

4. Being a Freelance Writing

Writing for few sites can get you some money. It can grows tremendously over the years so it will be a good choice for you.

5. Partnership with Brands

Some few brands may offer you cooperation, and if this happen to you, just take it. These are usually for a long-term partnership, so you can get many benefits from here. The companies who offer you this partnership usually knows that you have already use their product.

6. Social Media Campaign

If you are invited to paid social media campaign by some companies, you may have to follow it. The companies that usually need the social media campaign are tourism board, brands, or hotels.

Now, after you know the tips of how to travel for a living, try to think again whether you want to be a real traveler around the world or not. If your heart says you must continue, then go on without a doubt and feel the real spirit of a traveler.

Find Out Cheap Vacation Ideas

Find Out Cheap Vacation Ideas

Find Out Cheap Vacation Ideas

Hard work will make us facing the boredom and stress. In order to release ourselves from such boring activity, we need a relaxation. We need to go travelling. Travelling is the best way to escape from our daily activity. But, sometime our budget is our problem. So, how to solve this? The cheap vacation ideas are maybe what you need.

There are several tips for you if you want to travel with low budget. Here are some cheap vacation ideas that you have to know.

1. Choose to be Local Tourist

If you don’t have lot of time and money, you can just go picnic inside your city. Explore the tourism site that you have never been there before. Stay in hotels or hostel can be a good option if you bored to go back home. And with this you can also get freedom to really explore the area near your destination.

2. Travel Regionally

To refresh your mind, you don’t need to fly across to explore the world. Find some tourism site on your region on the bookstore. You may be surprised that your area is actually serve you with many site that you never imagine.

3. Having a Unique Travel

Skip the popular destination and be the unique traveler. If many travelers choose to go to the capital city of some country, you can go to the rural area. If tourists choose to go shopping, you can go to historical building or museum. The less tourists go to this kind places, the more discount you will get from it.

4. Go Camping

Camping in several areas such as national park or free public lands can save your budget. You can stay and spend your time freely outside the house, but in the same time, there are just few tools that you need to fulfill. You just need to buy or rent the tent, and use the money to buy groceries for your food. Book Last-Minute Tour and Cruises

Last minute tour booking is a trend now. With last minute booking for hotels, tour package, and cruises, you can get lower prices and crazy discount that will save your budget. Start to search this offer on the travel websites for this.

5. Become a House-Sitter

If you have friends or sibling in the destination area, you can ask their permission to stay there during the trip. This will save your accommodation and transportation.

Those are some cheap vacation ideas. For you who are interested in trying it, let’s start the wonderful journey and get the experiences from now.

4 Best Credit Cards for Miles

4 Best Credit Cards for Miles

4 Best Credit Cards for Miles

You need budget when you go for a trip. With the lot of money you put on your wallet, it will disturb you when you have to pay something in your destination. Well, to solve this, you can use credit card. The best credit card for miles can give you many benefits or discounts. The facility will amazes you that you will be happy to have a trip with it.

So, what are the four best credit cards for miles that you can use? Below is some credit card’s recommendation for you.

1. Chase Sapphire Preferred

This sleek metal card design credit card, offers you lot of features, such as the 50,000 bonus points you will earn when you spend $4,000 on purchases in the first 3 months from account opening. Using this card, you will get $0 foreign transaction fees, chip-enabled for enhanced security, and 2X points on travel and dining at restaurants.

2. British Airways Visa Signature Card

With this credit card you can get 50,000 bonus Avios after you spend $ 2,000 on purchases within the first three months of account opening. Plus, additional 25,000 bonus Avios when you spend $ 15,000 within your first year. You don’t have to pay your foreign transaction fees. The chip technology will secure your card when you use it.

3. Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Premiere Credit Card

If you spend $ 2,000 on purchases in the first three months your account is open, you will earn 50,000 points. You will have chip based technology credit card with 24/7 fraud monitoring. Other facilities are the bags fly free, unlimited points, and no blackout dates. You will get addition 6,000 points after a year.

4. Starwood Preferred Guest Credit Card

You will get 25,000 bonus Starpoints after $ 3,000 in purchases within the first three months. There is no foreign transaction fee on the international purchases. You can also receive premium internet access and free in-room. Get free nights at over 1,200 hotels and resorts in 100 countries with no blackout dates. $0 introductory annual fee for the first year will also be one of the features you will get.

Those are the four best credit cards for miles. Each credit card has its o0wn function, so you may need to choose the one that is suitable for your trip. But once you have chosen and use it, you will feel the easiness and the advantages that it has promised to you.


4 Best Travel Destinations in Canada

4 Best Travel Destinations in Canada

4 Best Travel Destinations in Canada

Canada is a country in the northern half of North America. Canada is also developed and multiculturalism country. Historically, Canada has been influenced by British, French, and aboriginal cultures and traditions. Just like France, Rome, Spain, England, there are also best travel destinations in Canada.

Here are 4 best travel destinations in Canada:

1. Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls which is splitting Canada and United States is large and beautiful falls. Niagara falls not only for recreation, but also for commercial and industry. This nature travel contains three waterfalls, that are the Horseshoe Falls, the American Falls and the Bridal Veil Falls. The beautifulness of Niagara much seen when there is a rainbow transverse above the flow of gurgling Niagara Falls. This makes a tons of people come to see Niagara Falls

2. Rockies Mountain

Rockies mountainare a major mountain range in western North America. Rockies Mountain is very popular travel destination for skiing, and snowboarding. From the peak of Rockies Mountain, we can see this beautifulness of Rockies Mountain that is surrounded by lake, trees and stones. Furthermore, we can see the beautiful scenery of wide tundra and wildlife.

3. Old Quebec City

Old Quebec City is one of the travel destinations in Quebec City. Here, there are so many uniqueness of culture that we can see, found, explore and admire. Beautiful European building spread in a row in this place. Old Quebec City that has scenery much more in France than Canada is often called as Old Europe because the scenery is look like in France. No wonder, because France ever colonized this place in the past. Thus, there are so much historical stories behind it.

4. Canada National Park

Canada National Park is protected natural spaces that spread in every provinces and territories. This national park which is used to enjoy its beautifulness has been protected strictly to maintain the ecological system inside it. Therefore, it is not only for tourism but also commercialism. This protection law is done so that the future generation still can see this beautifulness of this place. In this Canada National Park, you can find out and enjoy a lot of things based on the location. There are wildlife, mountain, lake, tundra, sea, wood, pole area, etc. You can enjoy it yet remember to protect it too.

It can be said that Niagara Falls, Rockies Mountain, Old Quebec City, Canada National Park are some of the travel destination in Canada recommended for travelling. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s have fun for your optimal vacation. .

3 Best Places to Travel in October

3 Best Places to Travel in October

3 Best Places to Travel in October

3 Best Places to Travel in October

October, which is known as Halloween month, is the dry season for Indonesia, yet in different part of earth there are some countries experiences autumn season. Autumn is believed as best season to travel. Because in this season, the weather is good, people will not feel cold or hot. It means this weather is warm and makes it relax. Therefore, you have to make a plan where is the best place to travel in October.

Bellow is the 3 best places to travel in October that you shouldconsider for travelling

1. Marseille

Marseille is city in France. As we know, France is always best choice to travel. There are many spot that you can visit in Marseille for example Panier District, Vieux-Port District, and Calanque. The Panier District where Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilisations takes place, here you can see the mixture old and modern interior building. Furthermore you can explore the historical stories. Tired of exploring the museum? Don’t worry, there are so many restaurants, café, market, shop offering snack there. Then there is Old Port of Marseille which often called Vieux-Port District by French people, you can talk a walk to enjoy the warmth of sun or hang out in this place. Moreover, you can see the fish trade and a row of boats. Then, if you want to see spectacular scenery that is the steep valley where some of its part submerged in the great sea you can go to The Calanque. It is the best place to hiking. Furthermore, when the sea level is low, you can see The Cosquer Cave with carving in its walls

2. Acadia National Park

Acadia National Park is stunning national park and treasure located in United States. There are mountains, an ocean shoreline, woodlands, and lakes. Furthermore, you can see wildlife here, because it is home for many animal and plant live in this place. Moreover, the existence of glaciers that makes changes on the scenery. The spectacular scenery of sunrise and sunset can be seen in this mountain. There are herd of birds in the early morning even before people get up already. Then, there are owls in the night where the moon shine and full of star surround it. People can do hiking the 120miles trails. Some people also can camp in the green woodland. If you are tired of walking when enjoying the spectacular scenery, you can do biking and driving to enjoy the beautiful scenery. There are also ocean and lake for swimming, that are the beautiful Sand Beach for ocean swimming, the other ones is Echo Lake Beach for freshwater swimming. Furthermore, people can explore in the museum, here you will know about Acadia National Park and how to protect it.

3. Crete

Crete is the largest and most populous of the Greek islands. It plays significant part of the economy and cultural heritage of Greece. It is best place to know about cultural stories. There are many popular destinations here. Chania Town and Rethymnon are two destinations that consider as top 10 best destinations in Greece .Chania Town which dominated by White Mountain, is full of cinemas, historical attractions and architectural styles; there is Archaeological Museum where collection of Minoan and Roman artifacts museum takes place. This place often mentioned as paradise of food and wine. Then, there is Rethymnon, which is located between White Mountains and Mt. Psilorítis, is full of ancient architecture. You can explore the magical waterfalls, rock formations, legendary cave church, historic monasteries and monuments, traditional mountain villages and luxurious holiday resorts. Moreover, there is Elafonissi Beach that consider as top 25 best destination beaches in the world. No wonder, because Elafonissi is exotic and unique beach. Here, you can see the beautiful, clear and fresh turquoise water, series of mountain, school of fish and pink color of sand. People can do swimming, snorkeling or just enjoying in the beach and get warmed by the sun.

All aforementioned –  Marseille in France, Acadia National Park in United States and Crete in Greek are best places to travel in October. Let’s get ready for October and have a great holiday.